We offer a variety of services to provide balance with the mind and the body. A good physique, eating healthy and internal peace will guarantee good looks and an excellent feeling. There is always a solution, and sometimes you need extra motivation and support from the outside. 

Sometimes, it's just good to have someone care for you.

Kaalu langetamine ei olegi nii raske kui kasutada korraga mitut meetodit. Kolm meetodit, mis koos hästi toimivad on: õige toitumine, piisav liikumine ja kehahooldused, mis parandavad ainevahetust, lümfiringet ning aitavad organismist
välja tuua sinna kogunenud jääkaineid ja liigset vett.

Body care

You don't need surgery to lose weight. Today, there are many pleasant and painless ways to lose excess weight quicker than dieting. 
We offer modern, technological solutions which help you lose weight, tighten up the skin, and improve muscle tone.

Facial care

Our facial care solutions are non-surgical and painless. We have selected natural solutions, which don't damage the skin nor need extra recovery time to help maintain a youthful look. We perform facial care, which has been scientifically proven and assist the rejuvenation of skin cells. 


We offer ancient Chinese therapies: Gua Sha, Tui Na and cup massage. 

As a person approaches the middle age, they have to do more and more to take care of themselves. Chinese therapies help increase vitality and keep the balance of Ying and Yang energies.
They lessen tiredness and pain and help the organism heal itself.